Imperfect Unfit Unsightly Disregarded
Fruits and vegetables

Nature is not perfect yet wise.

They may look ugly, but they are equally tasty and their quality is unsurpassable. We guarantee that this food is nutritive, healthy and fresh.

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Ugly Movement🌶


Too big, too small, not bright-coloured enough, this is unusually shaped, this is deformed…


We base what we eat on what we see and that is the criteria that the agroalimentary industry has been following in the last few years to reject products, just because they do not meet demanding visual standards. Although some European supermarkets have incorporated the ugly food movement by selling products with superficial imperfections, it is also true that the canon of beauty or the inconsistent likes of the consumers have affected traditional agriculture.


Most of the products that are unfit for commercialization end up in the fruit juice, sauce or soup industries. However, many of them are left behind in the cultivation areas or they are simply thrown away.

Zero waste 🥗

Our social action consists in fighting against food waste from the crops, generating a positive and sustainable impact in the society. This is what we call traditional selection

Our mission

To achieve that the traditional selection of products does not depend on their physical appearance. To promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables as the main basis of a healthy diet, adding value to the whole chain from the moment the plants produce, so that farmers are benefited too.


Fall in love with them again (#enamoratedeellas)


We are not talking about agriculture’s surplus, nor rejections by commercialization companies. We mean that a traditional selection process (like the one our ancestors used to do) on the cultivation of all the fruits that a plant bear should be carried out, as they are all edible and, even so, they are thrown away because of their appearance.


When you eat a zucchini, who cares if it is a little bit bent or scratched? The product has the same flavour and nutrients, it tastes just as good as the others. Moreover, farmers have used the same resources (water, seeds, nutrients, workforce, etc.) to produce them. Let’s contribute to global sustainability by consuming these products.


Products that are natural, of great quality and full of flavour. They are selected with the aim of saving those products that are thrown away because of the quality standard of wholesales and going back to the traditional selection of fruits and vegetables, as their external appearance or caliber do not affect their flavour.


Eating healthy may look like something expensive, but half of the fruits and vegetables grown are thrown away because of their physical appearance. That’s where the initiative of #enamoratedeellas #imperfectas takes action. We are committed to raise awareness, to make people learn to value products by knowing that their quality is inside them.

Sustainable Development Goals


According to the report by the United Nations for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published in 2019, ⅓ of all the food produced is annually rejected or wasted. Reducing the loss and waste of food is essential to eradicate world’s hunger and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, specially ODS 2 “Hambre Cero” y el ODS 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.